Bandit Level 9 -> 10

Bandit Level 9 -> 10

It’s all about the EQUALity

Bandit Level 10:

The password for the next level is stored in the file data.txt in one of the few human-readable strings, preceded by several ‘=’ characters.

Commands we may need to solve this level:

grep, sort, uniq, strings, base64, tr, tar, gzip, bzip2, xxd


First, let’s ssh to the level 9 server:

Let’s find that Equal

So now we’re in the level 10 server, and apart from some details about the server and NDA details, there is just a shell prompt.

Okay so where’s that data.txt file anyways?

Okay so, now that we know it’s there let’s open if for the sake of equality:

Well, you guessed it, it’s binary file, so it’s mostly gibberish. But I said mostly, so there is a way to get the human-readable strings, using the command strings:

Yeah so we did it, well not exactly we need to find the string preceded by several ‘=’ sign, so let’s grab it shall we?

Finding equality can be difficult sometimes but worth it.

That’s it and see you on the next one.

Thank you, Enjoy.

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